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We specialize in gourmet Belgian-style Liège waffles and unique waffle combinations. Researchers here at The Waffle Lab delight in developing a variety of sweet creations and savory concoctions that are perfect for any time of the day! We also offer delicious beer brats made with local beer, coffee from Cranknstein, and more!

Visitors who order from our snazzy food trailer located outside Pateros Creek Brewing Company are free to enjoy their meals inside the brewery taproom, outside on the patio, or can take it to go. The Waffle Lab may occasionally be found in other locations, sharing our discoveries with the masses, but we’ll be sure to let you know where and when that will be—follow us on Facebook!

The “Micro-Hubbing” Concept

There’s no question that we here at The Waffle Lab pride ourselves in using as many organic and local ingredients as we possibly can. Just as important to us is the notion of supporting other businesses and individuals within a close proximity to us. That’s why we like to infuse our menu with wonderful ingredients made by others in the Old Town area and why we employ the services of those close by—serving as a veritable “micro-hub” of deliciousness and community-building. Check out the ‘Lab for more information about the strong ties we’re currently building.

The Classic Liège Waffle

Originally developed in Belgium, the Liège (pronounced “lee-ayjh”) waffle is unlike any waffle you’ve ever had. Made from a yeast-leavened dough (not a batter) and specially imported Belgian pearl sugar, this mouth-watering piece of heaven is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Baked at the perfect temperature, the sugar pearls melt partially inside the waffle and caramelize on the outside for a sweet, delicate crunch. Believe us, this waffle is sweet and moist enough on its own—no syrup necessary!

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Hours and Locations:

Our schedule varies. Please check Facebook or call us to find out where and when we are open.


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